Our Rating System

We have decided to make ourselves a little more useful to you the reader by providing more detailed reviews to include our rating system. We hope this will improve the feedback we give and make our already awesome reviews even more awesome! Of course we will rate in coffee cups to let you know how much we enjoy our reads. Below is a bit of an explanation of how we will rate them, but keep in mind these are our opinions!

coffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.png

Five Cups- For books that fall within this rating, we could not put it down!  It was an absolutely amazing read and if you don’t pick it up to read it you fail at life! We are joking of course or are we? Truly, it is a fabulous piece of work and not many books will get this rating from us. 

coffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.png

Four Cups– This book is above average. It may have minor flaws, but it is still well worth the read. We think readers will really enjoy a book of this rating as we really enjoyed it and it kept our attention the entire time. 

coffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.png

Three Cups– This is a good book. We recommend readers give it a read. The quality of writing and the storyline are good. It may have a few more flaws than we would care to see in a book. This is the type of book you may put down when life gets in the way, but you will still want to finish it. 

coffee cups 9.pngcoffee cups 9.png

Two Cups- This book could be worth a read; however, it does have issues needing resolution. It may have concerns with plot holes, cliches, repetitiveness, and/or writing quality. There may be confusing parts or concepts in the book. It could be too long, not long enough or even lost subplots. We are pretty much saying, read at your own risk. 

coffee cups 9.png

One Cup- A book of this rating is simply not our cup of coffee. It has all of the concerns mentioned above in two cup ratings: plot holes, cliches, repetitiveness, writing quality, confusing parts, and lost concepts within the writing. Simply put, we did the hard work of reading it so you don’t have to!