A. Lonergan – Transfixed (Witches of Jackson Square Book One)

Title: Transfixed (Witches of Jackson Square Book One)

Authors: A. Lonergan

Retailers: Amazon

Date of Publication: November 29, 2018

Length: 282 pages

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Romance

Audience: Teen and Young Adult

Sensitivities: Violence

Other Books in the Series: Fixated (Witches of Jackson Square Book Two), Captivated (Witches of Jackson Square Book Three), and Enraptured (Witches of Jackson Square Book Four)

Disclaimer: There may be some spoilers in our detailed banter below:

Hello readers!

Today we will be reviewing Transfixed (Witches of Jackson Square Book One) by author A. Lonergan.

Please see above for more details on the book.

Freya has never felt like she fits in. When her senior trip to New Orleans goes awry, she stumbles upon the one place she may finally belong. Witches, fairies, dragons, and an otherworldly realm greets her in this new life. Not to mention an annoying, self-centered man-child that is irresistibly attractive. Sterling has always had it easy in life, unlike Freya, but the moment the two meet, he is in for a ride of a lifetime. However, he hasn’t felt this way about anyone before so he ends up pushing her away until she is completely out of his reach. Paired with the looming threats of destruction and chaos in the city, will he be able to get her back?

What did you think of the alternating perspectives? Were they confusing or necessary to the plot?

Bridgette – When done well, I enjoy alternating perspectives because it provides additional detail unavailable to me, as a reader, if there were only one perspective. I really like getting a full picture, but I want it to be clear and sequential. In my opinion, the author did a great job of alternating the perspectives in this book. The transitions were done well and the flow was very clear to me.

Amy – I find myself finding it hard to keep up with in some books, but not this one. I really loved being able to see more than one side. It was done really nicely and had a good flow!

Claire – While I appreciate the suspense a single perspective provides, the concept of dual points of view allows the reader to understand what is going on under the surface all the way around. I didn’t find any inconsistencies between Freya’s thoughts and Sterling’s actions and vice versa, so, in this particular plot, I quite liked the frequent changes of pace. They say only dead fish go with the flow but this stream of events was too easy not to follow. 

The author incorporated a lot of Louisiana culture within the plot. Did you find this to be an appropriate location for all the action? What significance does New Orleans have in the unfolding story?

Bridgette – New Orleans is the most appropriate setting for a series of books surrounding the lives of witches. However, this book took a major unexpected turn and the focus on New Orleans was not as prominent as I had expected. A significant portion of this book occurs in an alternate location which is unexpected, yet brilliantly original. I really enjoyed the setting of this book and think most readers will find it intriguing. 

Amy – The author picked the perfect spot for this book! I loved how she included so many details about New Orleans! We hear so many stories about supernatural things taking place there, I mean what better setting is there? 

Claire – Louisiana was a bold choice for the setting. But don’t worry, New Orleans, A. Lonergan did right bayou. She kept the spirit of the rowdy nightlife, distinct cuisine, and melting pot of cultures so entwined in the story I seldom found myself forgetting to question why she chose this location in the first place. Still, I thought it worked with the characters and added a little humanity to the magic. 

Did you find yourself on Team Cal over Team Sterling at any point in the story? Why?

Bridgette – Sterling all the way. His first-class act had me hanging on his every word and awaiting his every action. I would have obeyed his every command which undoubtedly would have backfired. Who was Cal again? Sounds like a used car salesman to me. I have no doubt if subject to a duel, Sterling would come out on top everytime. That dashing son of a… 

Amy – I can’t argue with these girls! You’re going to Hollywood Sterling! 

Claire – Based on pure namesake, Sterling is the obvious choice. Not only is sterling silver beautiful but durable and strong, as well. A true testament to his character. What does Cal have to offer? Awkward flirtations and thick eyelashes. What is Cal short for anyway? Calculator? Doubtful because he clearly moves without thinking. He’s more like a calzone because he thinks he’s the big cheese. Newsflash, you sleeveless-shirt-and-tight-pants-wearing weirdo with pointed shoes, we all think you’re kind of a creep and you should be banished in the Mirror Realm forever just because of your decrepit fashion sense. Ahem. 

Did the author keep you hooked or were you riding the struggle bus? 

Bridgette – I landed somewhere in the middle on how hooked I was on the story. I definitely immersed myself into the book and felt invested; however, there were times when I took a step back from a page and wondered how well each element fit together as a whole. This is a very unique take on witches, yet in the end it all came together. The action is fast and you don’t want to blink or you might miss something important. 

Amy – I was interested the entire time! I think it was well balanced for me. Action,and a boy who likes a girl but doesn’t…a girl who doesn’t like a boy but does, I mean turn the page! I need to know who she ends up with!!

Claire – I boarded the struggle bus upon starting this story because I am not a huge fan of novels starting with chase or fight scenes right off the bat. It’s hard to start amidst such action, especially when such a sequence will bear a lot of significance on the plot later. That being said, once things were explained and introduced in a less dizzying manner, I jumped out of the back of the bus and began my Forrest Gump run to the end of the story.

What is the soundtrack to this story?

Bridgette – I’m going to leave this question to Claire, who clearly didn’t leave her CD’s in his truck. 

Amy –  What she said!!! 👆🏻 

Claire – This story for sure starts out with Simple Plan’s Welcome to My Life to really play on Freya’s utter sadness at being dejected from the world due to her orphan status. Then, we’ll go ahead and cue The Space Between by Dave Matthews Band for when Freya sacrifices herself to the other realm to save Sterling. And, of course, Kesha’s Grow A Pear for any scene with Cal. No explanation needed. Perhaps Freya and Sterling’s date is to the tune of the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations which is quickly interrupted signaling yet another wrench in their timing. And then when Freya flees from the botched date Billy Ocean’s Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car blares overhead because we can only assume whoever is after her has bad intentions. 

Lastly, I would really like Hall and Oates’ You Make my Dreams Come True to be dubbed over the scenes with Freya and her dragon, Vailen. Since they’re in each other’s heads and all. 

Are you picking up the rest of this series? 

Bridgette –  I purchased this book series as Penned Con 2019 because of the blurb on the back of the books, as well as, the beautiful covers. I am glad I did so and am excited to see where the story takes me. We haven’t reviewed a witches coven book to-date and I am glad this was our first. The unexpected elements of the story were surprising and, although they might seem odd at times, they are elements I enjoy in other books. My mind is open and I am ready to see what turns the story might take over the course of the four books. 

Amy – As soon as Bridgette is done with them!!!!!!!! 

Claire – I don’t know if I’ll pick them up but I’ll certainly check them out…wink wink.

I read this book almost in one sitting and was really drawn to the plot with the separate realms, evil birth mom, and the oddly comforting support system I found in a dragon. It’s like Game of Thrones meets a Lifetime movie in the modern world. 

Thanks for reading. Comment below if you have read Transfixed (Witches of Jackson Square Book One) by author A. Lonergan or if you are going to put it on your TBR!

Disclosure: We are in no way affiliated with the author and are not being compensated for this review.

Amy & Bridgette & Claire

Amy’s Rating: 4

Bridgette’s Rating: 4

Claire’s Rating: 4

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