Marissa Meyer – Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)

Thursday, September 19, 2019:

  • Title: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)
  • Authors: Marissa Meyer
  • Retailers: Literally everywhere…even the library! 
  • Date of Publication: January 3, 2012
  • Length: 400 pages
  • Genre: Alien Science Fiction, Fairy Tale & Folklore Adaptations
  • Audience: Teen & Young Adult
  • Collective Favorite Quote: “Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”
  • Sensitivities: None
  • Other books within the series: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles Book 2); Cress (The Lunar Chronicles Book 3); Winter (The Lunar Chronicles Book 4)

Disclaimer: There may be some “spoilers” in our detailed banter below:

Hello readers!

Today we will be reviewing Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1) by author Marissa Meyer. This is our first Mainstream book review!

Please see above for more details on the book.

This story is about a young cyborg girl who was content fixing parts in the market. Soon her life is turned upside down during her search for a cure to a widespread disease wiping out the population of humans. Mix the stresses of searching for answers with the attention of a young man and it may just spell disaster. Even the cure to the disease itself may unlock answers to questions she didn’t know she should be asking.

Was this book what you were expecting?

Bridgette– I do not remember how I came across this book and decided to start reading it.  But, I can say I, for what feels like the first time, suggested Amy read it rather than the other way around.  Allow me to pick my jaw up off the ground.  Now, when I saw this book I thought it was just a Cinderella retelling and I prepared myself for a heavy focus on a damsel in distress and a Prince Charming.  This book certainly retells the story, but it is not at all what one might expect.  It certainly was not what I had expected.  

Amy– I had to choose this question because I have a funny story! Bridgette suggested this book and I was like “okay?” I didn’t read anything about it before I started reading. If you have met me, you know I am a hot mess like all the time! 😉 So if she says we are reading this, we’re doing it! Okay, back to the question at hand, this book was not what I was thinking. I thought it would be your everyday cinderella retelling and boy was I in for surprise! The first page mentions the word cyborg and I was like “What the hell does she have me reading?” At this point in my life Sci-fi isn’t really where I venture. Mind blown!!!

How original and unique was this book?

Bridgette- The originality of this book is unmatched. It came out of left field and I never saw it coming.  This book is one of a kind with a story bringing together cyborgs, humans and aliens.  The truth is out there people and it is that this book is a must read.  Although we do not intend to make a habit of reviewing mainstream books, such like this, we felt this book was too good to pass up recommending to our amazing readers. I really loved every aspect of this book and certainly would never have dreamt up the setting, characters and mainly the plot line. It is an ingenious mix of new and old. 

Amy- As I stated earlier, this isn’t your everyday retelling of Cinderella. Even though it is a retelling, it isn’t. This book was very unique and I absolutely loved it!! I couldn’t believe a genre I wouldn’t normally read completely sucked me in! 

How did this book change you?

Bridgette– It is a tall order to request a book change you as a person. This book captured my attention and reeled me in for the long haul. I will be finishing this series. I had picked it up in between books we had been reviewing for a bit of a change of pace and found myself obsessed to find out what would happen next in the crazy world of Marissa Meyers The Lunar Chronicles. I haven’t picked up a mainstream book and thoroughly enjoyed it in quite some time, so I feel that warrants some change. 

Amy  I think it has opened my eyes to a whole other genre of books. I normally don’t look at an alien book and go “I wanna read it.” After reading Cinder, I will be way more open to trying more Sci-fi books! I also have to agree with Bridgette we typically don’t go for the mainstream but this book was worth checking out!

Which character in the book would you most like to meet?

Bridgette– Clearly the answer to this question is the man with the answers.  I like to solve a good mystery and this book provides a bit of mystery for readers like me.  Therefore, it makes sense I would search for a character who is likely to provide me with the answers to those burning questions within. Dr. Erland is a character who creates more questions for the reader than anything else, yet you are left with a sense that he will be a great guiding light through a quest for the truth.  

Amy  I gotta say Iko. She seemed so sweet and fun! I loved how even though she was a robot she was full of personality and I thought she brought a lot to the table.

What did you think of where the story takes place?

Bridgette-I am American and as such I am pretty certain most of the stories I read take place in America or in some high fantasy world.  Other books set in other countries are few and far between for mainstream young adult (bedsides England).  However, I would have not guessed the setting would be New Beijing. This is a very different setting from other books I have read.  I also found it challenging to conjure up in my mind all of the details in the book with this new world order. 

Amy– I think it taking place in Beijing was super surprising. I can’t explain exactly why, but it was just not where I’d expected it to take place. I loved all of the sites the author writes about and the way she creates a futuristic planet. I found it very thrilling.

We will skip the last question we normally go with because it should be obvious by now, YES we recommend this book! If you haven’t checked out this mainstream book get on it ASAP; it will change your life. We normally read one book at a time, but we keep finding ourselves trying to squeeze in this series! If you are a reader who enjoys a bit of mystery, adventure, and retellings meant to break the boundaries, this book may just be for you! The only way to find out is to pick it up and get to reading. 

Thanks for reading. Comment below if you have read Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1) by author Marissa Meyer or if you are going to put it on your TBR!

Disclosure: We are in no way affiliated with the author and are not being compensated for this review.

Amy & Bridgette

Amy’s Rating: 5

Bridgette’s Rating: 5

Average Rating: 5

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