Best Gifts for Book Readers in 2019

Hello Readers!

We know, we know…we would all like to think that we have plenty of time to do holiday shopping, but the holidays are vastly approaching. Some of us like to buy last minute, others like to DIY gifts, and still others plan in advance and buy unique, personalized gifts. This list has a bit of everything for all different personality types! 

We have complied a list of 20 pretty awesome gifts for the book lover in your life:

  1. Bookmark-Automatic
  2. Book Stand
  3. DIY Book Sleeve
  4. DIY E-Reader Sleeve
  5. DIY Floor Pillow
  6. DIY Mini Tote
  7. DIY Reading Pillow
  8. E-Book Subscription Service
  9. Gift Cards-Books
  10. Gift Cards-Coffee (listen people this one is selfish, but our husbands might look at this list and sometimes they need pointers too)
  11. Inflatable Book Jacket
  12. Library Candle
  13. Necklace-Book Excerpt
  14. Page Anchor
  15. Reading Light
  16. Silicone Bookmark Finger Pointer
  17. Subscription Box-Books
  18. Tablet Stand Pillow Holder
  19. Thumb Book Page Holder
  20. T-Shirt Book Related

*we are not endorsing any particular brand and we are not receiving any monetary benefit if you go to any of these links to purchase an item. This is simply a list we compiled of amazing gifts we would love to receive and/or give.

What gifts do you like to give/receive as a reader!?!?

Amy & Bridge

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